Socializing & Peer Support

These programs bring unique and abundant social opportunities to individuals with disabilities. Through collaborative planning and a teamwork approach, we “step outside of the box” to offer the very best social experiences in our wide expanse of geographical areas.

Our summers are jam-packed with barbeques, game nights, movie nights, ice-cream socials, dinners out, putt-putt, bowling, zoo experiences, amusement parks, sporting events, picnics, outdoor games, beach trips, craft nights, karaoke, theme nights, concerts and more. The Kaleidoscope team is always busy planning ahead for our fall and winter agendas that are sure to promote social growth in its fullest.

Peer Support Groups

These groups connect individuals through friendships and group interaction to foster teamwork, communication, independence and personal growth in a united experience.
Our Peer Support Groups focus on six key areas for growth and development:

  • Social Development
  • Career Readiness
  • Independent Living
  • Health and Wellness
  • Community Service

We use social development topics that strengthen relationships and build confidence for the participants.

Some recent group topics included:

  • Thinking, Feeling and Doing in Social Situations
  • Practicing Social Skills
  • Being Heard and Understood
  • Identifying Feelings with a Disney’s Inside Out Theme
  • Calming Yourself When Angry
  • Social Reciprocity
  • Managing Personal Relationships
  • Using Intuition based on Disney’s Finding Dory
  • Did I Just Say That?
  • Social Boundaries

Career Readiness

Achieving success in the “real world of work” entails strength-based training with unique curriculums. Through interactive workshops, Kaleidoscope professionals create venues that present unique methods that build on each individual’s strengths and interests.

Peer Support topics include:

  • Identifying Strengths and Interests
  • Finding the Real Me
  • Career Exploration
  • Self Awareness on the Job
  • Creating a Resume
  • Interview Skills through Role Play
  • Managing Expectations and Disappointments

Independent Living

Living independently can be challenging for individuals with disabilities. The aspect of achieving short-term goals along the way makes it possible for dreams to come true. Our support groups are very specific and incorporate the emotional, social and physical tools necessary for successful outcomes.

Reoccurring group topics include:

  • Identifying Financial Wants and Needs
  • Using the Team to Take the Next Step
  • Creating and Managing a Budget
  • Building Confidence, Cooking and Food Preparation
  • Transportation and Travel
  • Self Determination
  • Dealing with Challenges in the Home

Health & Wellness

Maintaining an emphasis on healthy living can be essential in living one’s best life. That is why we offer workshops and training sessions in a support group forum to encourage living a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the many groups we offer are:

  • Awareness Through Movement
  • Fostering Teamwork with Yoga
  • Outdoor Group Games
  • Navigating the Nutrition Winning Game
  • Stranger Safety
  • Safety in the Community
  • Safety in the Home
  • Knowing the “Signs” in our Community
  • Stepping It Up In Everyday Life