FAQs for Individuals Looking for Services

Providing exceptional home and community-based services for individuals with disabilities is our top priority. Kaleidoscope Family Solutions, Inc. (KFS) focuses on team planning and a person-centered philosophy to ensure all aspects of care are part of your treatment.

The term ISP stands for Individual Service Plan. You may have had an IEP (Individual Educational Plan) in school, similarly the ISP maps out your long and short-term goals for growth. The ISP also states the objectives in how to achieve them. Your ISP is a living roadmap for your successes, changes and growth towards greater independence and happiness. Your team of professionals, along with your family and/or caregivers, actively participate with you to ensure you are able to live your best life.

KFS services, in most cases, are paid for by your state waiver program. There are opportunities for you to privately pay for services should that be necessary. Learn more about available state-wide services page.

We offer a variety of social programs. We tailor our services to your needs, which include recreational activities as well. Some examples of things some of our individuals do with their mentors include:

  • going to the gym
  • attending a yoga class
  • fishing
  • participating in Special Olympics
  • and more!

In addition, group activities are planned on a monthly basis (once or twice a week) by our activity coordinators. Learn more about our activity programs.

KFS offers career planning and volunteer opportunities for each individual as they are listed in their goals. KFS will provide you with a skilled professional to help you achieve this goal if you would like to work on it.

Travel training falls within the in-home and community supports of your program. KFS can help in learning to travel independently if this is part of your ISP goals.

To reach any of our internal staff, please call our main office line at 877-384-1729. Business hours are between 8:30am-5:30pm and someone will transfer you to the staff member you are trying to reach. If you are calling after business hours, an answering service will take your information and an on-call staff member will return your call.

KFS believes that a strong credentialing process is the critical first step in delivering quality services. Professionals contracted or employed with KFS are screened for background history, licensure and certifications. The credentialing process is completed in-house or by one of our licensed partners, depending on your state, and then reviewed and audited on an annual basis, or as directed by state laws. Standard credentialing includes but is not limited to:

  • Professional References
  • Completed Application
  • Resume With Detailed Relevant Experience
  • Education Verification
  • License Verification (if applicable)
  • Driver’s License Verification
  • State Criminal Background Check
  • State Child Abuse Clearance

In order to transport individuals, drivers must have a valid US driver’s license, valid auto insurance, auto registration and a department of motor vehicles driver history check completed.  Our credentialing department strictly monitors both prior to start and on a weekly basis. In addition, most states require that updated information be inputted into their online system which provides KFS with a second method of quality monitoring.

At this time, service coordination agencies are your first line of contact when obtaining services. They will help you develop goals and objectives to work on. Once you have met with the service coordination agency, you can choose a provider agency such as KFS. The provider agency that will be able to connect you with the supports you or your family member need. KFS dedicates incredible resources to ensure that our professionals are trained, responsible and appropriately credentialed. In addition, KFS takes great care in matching professionals with individuals to facilitate effective relationships that can grow and flourish.

The types of supports and amount of hours you can receive are determined at a team meeting with your support coordinator or case manager and your provider (KFS). You are able to request the hours you want to accommodate the supports necessary for you to live your everyday life. Typically, your hours can be adjusted as your life changes, and are reviewed at a minimum on a yearly basis with your supports’ coordinator/case manager.

Yes! We pride ourselves in providing supports that are matched to the needs of each and every individual. We will ensure that we have professionals who can provide supports to you during the times and days of the week that work best for your schedule.

KFS has a full-time recruiting department that works with many reference sources. Some of them include social media job sites, community partners, industry job fairs and college career fairs.

Planning a daily schedule is both fun and necessary for your growth and development. When you choose us as a provider, you will have a clinical coordinator from our agency that will work directly with you and your family to create a schedule that works best for you.

Click here to find out information about your adult autism services in your area.

Many federal and state agencies work together when identifying services for individuals with disabilities. There are county entities, state agencies and federal organizations. See our state program descriptions for more information on what waiver programs KFS teams up with.

KFS values your thoughts and opinions. Therefore, we welcome feedback both positive and negative. Upon starting with KFS, you will be presented with an intake packet which includes our grievance procedures for your specific program. As always, though, your first line of communication will be with your KFS Clinical Coordinator. As an active member of your team, you should already have an open and caring relationship with him/her. Should that not be to your satisfaction, you can contact one of our KFS directors.

Our support providers are informed on all program requirements by the state prior to contracting with KFS. According to state guidelines they are then required to complete a refresher, annually. Clinical coordinators connect with Providers routinely and are encouraged keep an open and ongoing conversation and provide feedback as necessary.

KFS is committed to keeping you informed. There are weekly and monthly newsletters that share industry updates, upcoming training or workshop opportunities, social events and more. In addition, KFS keeps you abreast of any pertinent developments via social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and/or LinkedIn. Personal emails that can be received by you and your family is another method of keeping you informed.

Peer support groups are scheduled weekly through KFS and focus on key areas of self-improvement, such as career readiness, independent living, health and safety, social skill development and community service. View a full description of the KFS Peer-Support Program.

If a provider needs to cancel a shift due to illness, a personal emergency or environmental factor, they will call you, their Clinical Coordinator and your family contact. KFS will then do their best to find you a suitable replacement as soon as possible. Advance planning is always encouraged. KFS will proactively find you sub-staff during these times. All sub-staff are given the goals and objectives to ensure that your level of service is consistent.

Please Note: KFS is a referral agency. Registering with KFS is not a guarantee that job opportunities will be available and/or located. All professionals contracting through KFS are classified and compensated as self-employed independent contractors.