KFS Pennsylvania is a Medicaid approved provider who supports individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We provide one-on-one supports in individual’s home and community and specialize in the area of autism. We are qualified to provide services throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

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Support programs available:

Adult Autism Waiver – In-home and community services and supports to qualified individuals with autism over the age of 21 in the state of Pennsylvania.

  • Behavior Supports
  • Systematic Skill Building
  • Community Support
  • Career Planning – Vocational Assessment and Job Finding
  • Supported Employment – Intensive and Extended
  • Respite

>> Download KFS PA Adult Autism Waiver Brochure

Consolidated, Community Living, and Person Family Directed Supports (P/FDS) Waivers – In-home and community services and supports to qualified individuals with intellectual disabilities from ages three and up in the state of Pennsylvania.

  • Behaviorial Supports
  • In Home Community Supports
  • Community Participation Supports
  • Supported Employment
  • Companion
  • Respite In-Home

>> Download KFS PA Consolidated, Community Living & P/FDS Waivers Brochure

Base Funding (specific counties only) – In-home and community services and supports provided at a county specified level to qualified individuals who are awaiting acceptance into the P/FDS or Consolidated Waiver(s).

School-based Supports – In-home and community services and supports that are offered to students with disabilities that are looking for additional supports other than what is offered through their school district. KFS works with school districts to develop contracts based on needs of the school and students to help provide customized supports.

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Please Note: KFS is a referral agency. Registering with KFS is not a guarantee that job opportunities will be available and/or located. All professionals contracting through KFS are classified and compensated as self-employed independent contractors.