Notice Regarding Client and/or State Mandates Pertaining to Covid-19 Vaccination Proof and/or COVID-19 Testing and Masks

As you know, Kaleidoscope Family Solutions (and Affiliates) serves as a referral marketplace that provides contracting opportunities to self-employed independent contracts to provide community and in-home services to adult individuals with autism or intellectual and developmental disabilities (“your clients”).  The client opportunities presented to KFS’s contractors are regulated by various Federal, State and/or Local agencies.

As such, many of the client opportunities that we refer to you are subject to Federal, State and/or Local Executive Orders and/or client-specific policies that are necessary to protect the health and safety of the consumers. They may request that you wear masks, provide proof of vaccination or provide weekly (or more frequent) COVID-19 negative testing results in order for you to contract at their facility and/or support their consumers.

We want to make you aware that these policies are being implemented across many regions and/or clients and it will be your choice how you want to proceed. However, if a client does require proof of vaccination, or in its absence that you provide proof of weekly testing, you will have to fulfill that criteria that is set forth by the facility/client in order to continue contracting for that engagement.

You will have to load proof of vaccination, if required, by the date required by the client. This can be done on the Work Bright portal. You will receive instructions on how to go about loading the information. The same process will be used for proof of testing results. If you have any objections, your choices are to speak to your coordinator about other opportunities that do not have those credentialing requirements. If you have any legal objections, you are requested to discuss them directly with the legal department by sending an email inquiry to  All inquiries will be reviewed and addressed within 24 hours.

By uploading proof of your vaccination status or test results, you authorize KFS to release your vaccination/testing records to any KFS client or potential client with whom you accept engagement opportunities.